I Love


While you’re

scrolling through your soulless feed

on your savvy, shiny smart screens

just like all those other teens

with their hearts, all bruised and bloodied



strolling to what my heart needs

which is laughter and joy

and warmth unobtainable from a toy

and friends that don’t turn like tumbleweeds.


Where are the days when hearts

meant love and not just ‘like’?:

we double-tap a pic and hearts jump

around – but do you really ‘love’ it?

(You probably didn’t even read the caption)


you may have a thousand friends –

they can all be reduced to 1’s and 0’s

and, to you, that’s all most of them

will ever really be.


I make my friends with tea and coffee

and a heart that doesn’t just ‘like’


It loves.


Does yours?




Jonathan Malan

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