Clutch Time


I’m late,

clutch, neutral, ignition,

clutch, first gear, accelerate,

I’m on a mission.

Seatbelt, click, safety first,

gas, clutch, fifth gear,

indicate, overtake, get cursed –


peer at my rear.


Brake, clutch, gear drop:

sixty in an eighty zone?

I think not, it’s gotta stop,

this road, I own –

indicate, clutch, gear drop,

zoom past an old crone.


Parking, one at the door!

truly a rare sight,

indicate, zip-zap, reverse more –

it’ll do, although it’s tight.


“Something to drink, mister?”

“Not yet, thanks. I’m expecting a visitor.”


“Hi! Must’ve been really early for that parking!”

“Yes, traffic was a breeze, my darling.”


Mission completed.




Jonathan Malan

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