a big bang


sweaty sighs and tangled thighs,

with muffled moans the act condones.


silently two cells collide

like woeful worlds creating life,

slowly the formless mass

brings forth the heart and brain –

the two that will cause the most pain


to each other…


eyes, ears, legs and arms

soon follow suite

until the womb can no longer contain




a lease of life from lustful love

rupturing the fertile soil

in which the seed was subdued.


screams of pain, joy and bewilderment

fill the room so completely that

the ancient, peeling paint is

flattened by its volume as if

it was not yet a day old.


love and pain go

hand in hand to

bear this fruit, a

jubilant bundle of joy



the days may become tiresome

and the nights sleepless

as her volume


fills every chamber.



Jonathan Malan

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